Q+A: The IGL’s Sherman Teichman on next year’s EPIIC topic

Over the past three decades, the Institute for Global Leadership’s interdisciplinary EPIIC program has explored foreign policy, global politics and security from a different angle each year. The 2013-14 and 2014-15 symposiums focused on the Middle East/North Africa and Russia, respectively; previous topics included oil and water, the politics of fear and the future of […]

Prudence, fallible machines and Candy Crush

It’s easy to adopt the mindset that progress for the sake of the progress, never mind progress for the sake of Super Smash Bros. (1999-present) fanatics and squeegee enthusiasts, is an inherent and unquestionable good. This perspective is convenient and intuitive; ideology, the dogma of a Christian Scientist or the ravings of a polemic philosopher gone […]

Acceptance in the rapidly evolving same-sex equality debate

Yesterday, I wrote an op-ed documenting the outrage and controversy surrounding Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). The law prevents the government from impeding a person’s religious rights unless it has a compelling government interest and is acting in the least intrusive way possible. While RFRA laws have been enacted for decades, including another one recently […]