The sound of protest music in 2015

“I’m the biggest hypocrite of 2015,” Kendrick Lamar began, and it only got more honest from there. Just hours after winning the Grammy Award for Best Rap/Hip-Hop Song, Kendrick released “The Blacker the Berry,” a song that palpitated with rage and self-loathing. Just months before, Kendrick had been preaching a message of love and peace. […]

Letter from the opinion, online editors

In what we hope will be the first full week of classes (fingers crossed), we want to first say how ecstatic we are about the discourse on campus this semester. This past year, with a completely new web-first workflow, website, social media team, graphics team, marketing team and, most recently, several new additions to the opinion […]

Columbus Day needs more than new name

Although Columbus Day may be several months away, a debate over changing the name of the holiday is underway at Tufts. When we celebrate Columbus Day, we blindly pay homage to a long history of genocide and colonization. Rather than honor a man who played an instrumental role in initiating centuries of violence, Tufts should take […]

Computing morals, saving cups

Whether taken from religion, deep philosophical reflection or (god help us) enrapturing television programs like Game of Thrones, unique moral codes guide us through ambiguous and sticky situations. How else would we know how to act when vying for free rooms in Eaton? Why else would we stop stealing cups from Dewick? Moral codes are […]

Go Down, Moses

My first reaction to the Tufts Hillel initiative to bring Trayvon Martin’s parents to campus for a discussion on gun violence was that it is unremarkable. Not in the sense of being unimportant, but rather that it is exactly what I expect from an organization that “walks the talk” in its commitment to social justice. Conversely, […]

Putinism as the governance of emergency

After the 2014 annexation of Crimea and the military support of eastern Ukrainian rebels, Russia has risen to the top of the international political agenda. Today some experts compare Vladimir Putin’s regime with the totalitarian expansionist power of Josef Stalin or Adolf Hitler. There are a lot of definitions of the Putin’s system: “crony capitalism,” […]

Free the course evaluations

Tufts’ course selection and evaluation processes are in desperate need of improvement. A significant percentage of students every semester do not complete evaluations of the courses they take. When choosing classes, students effectively have to rely on the knowledge of their advisor and word-of-mouth. This can, and does, lead to an unnecessary amount of disruption […]

The Witch of Coös: Part II

What do you have buried in your basement? During my childhood, my basement always represented a mixture of the known and unknown elements of my life, the familiar and the scary. It was where I played ping pong with my dad most evenings, and where I could play with my Legos and building blocks. But […]

Life Alive Cafe creates cozy, hippie atmosphere

While in line at Life Alive Café, a vegan “urban oasis” on Massachusetts Ave. in Central Square, a conversation was overheard between two faux-leopard fur coat clad women as they discussed the nature of their respective fruit cleanses. “I can totally drink, like, every night, on mine!” one exclaimed to the other. Customers stood in line, […]

Meju offers new delicious cuisine, faces growing pains

Meju, a new Korean restaurant in Davis Square that opened late last month, oozes trendiness, almost to a fault. The design motifs chosen seem to be “trendy” and “supersized” — but certainly not “authentic” — as practically everything about the place, except the portions, is pumped up a few proportions. Even the cutlery was abnormally heavy […]