Celtics rant

When I was a kid, I learned that if you don’t have something nice to say about someone, then you shouldn’t say anything at all. I think that’s why I’ve actively avoided writing about the Boston Celtics as long as I’ve had this column. That, and I just flat-out stopped caring. Sorry Cs, but I […]

On being American in Paris

After class the other day, I went to a sandwich shop I hadn’t tried yet, intent on buying a cheap lunch and doing some coursework. The man behind the counter was friendly and seemed to know many of the students also eating there, and he smiled at me as I ordered my sandwich. As I […]


Last week I tackled the question of whether or not I’d melt like a belieber clutching the Biebs when meeting my own teenage crush, Cyborg the Teen Titan (given that, of course, Cyborg could crush just about anything). While the jury is still out on this hefty hypothetical, I thought it would be nice to […]

Letter to AEPi National Organization, former brothers of AEPi at Tufts University

As a Brother of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity (1954 Initiation) and a former Chapter Advisor (Recipient of Certificate of Appreciation 1995) to AEPi at Tufts, I was greatly disturbed to read the Jan. 30 article, “A Message to the Tufts community from the former members of Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity,” in the Tufts Daily. As […]

Frost for you

The poetry of Robert Frost undoubtedly occupies an important place in American literature. Unfortunately, much of his work has faded into academia, analyzed in English class but not otherwise enjoyed. Nevertheless, Frost primarily wrote his poems for the enjoyment of his public readership, and it is this reading pleasure above all that I would like […]

‘Captain Boycott’ vies for social activism with subtle brilliance

The actors of the Bread and Puppet Theater normally burst into the playing space, sprinting around in all-white, flying flags high above their heads as the band blasts horns and bangs on drums. The ensemble is politically active, frenetic and high energy; as a company, it has been making puppets, devising theatre, attending protests and sustaining […]

Low voting numbers at Tufts must be fixed

On Wednesday, Feb. 4, the Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate held a special election to fill several empty seats. Students elected representatives for one seat on the TCU judiciary, one on the Committee on Student Life and others on Junior Class Council, Junior Senate and Sophomore Senate. However, unless you are one of the 429 […]

Letter to the Editor

I would like to make some very important corrections regarding the article that was published about the uncertain future of TuftsLife in last Thursday’s Daily. When I was first contacted by the story’s author for information about the story, I responded with an email containing background information about who might be the best person with […]

Departments work together to tackle winter storm challenges

As record amounts of snowfall continue to fall in the Boston area, Tufts’ Facilities Services department and Office of Emergency Management (OEM) have been working together to keep the Medford/Somerville campus accessible by preparing for storms and managing snow removal. According to Geoffrey Bartlett, director of emergency management, the OEM coordinates with other university departments to facilitate storm preparedness and snow removal. Bartlett […]

Student entepreneurs receive award to expand businesses

Junior Danielle Feerst and senior Robert Wallace were recently awarded the 2014 Paul and Elizabeth Montle Prize for Entrepreneurial Achievement for their businesses, AutismSees LLC and Suisey Fanwear, respectively. The prize awards Feerst and Wallace a total sum equivalent to the cost of Tufts tuition, which is split between the two of them and is aimed to propel their […]