Tufts falls against two NESCAC foes

The men’s squash team heads into the NESCAC tournament with a disappointing weekend of losses behind it. On Saturday Jan. 31, Tufts traveled to Harvard to take on one of its toughest rivals, Colby. Unfortunately, the Jumbos fell to the White Mules with a match score ending in 8-1. The Jumbos’ one win came from junior […]

Hit List

Good morning, Jumbos, and welcome to the fourth straight semester of everyone’s favorite column. If you’ve had your coffee this morning, you may have already discovered that although you’re reading S&S, it is in fact Thursday, and not Monday. This is because S&S has been such a smashing hit that we have been moved to […]

Sci-Fi Film Fest celebrates 40th anniversary at Somerville Theatre

The Boston Science Fiction Film Festival and Marathon kicks off this Friday at the Somerville Theatre in Davis Square, marking the 40th anniversary of the iconic local showcase. Boston SciFi, held from Feb. 6 to 16, is the oldest official genre fest in America. The event, which features both feature-length and short films, has attracted hundreds of […]

To stop ‘anti-vaxxers,’ scientific data must be presented in accessible format

After gaining admission into and enrolling in Tufts, there was one last crucial form to fill out before we could matriculate: We had to show proof we had been vaccinated. For many students, getting vaccinated was something routine that we probably gave little thought. It’s just one of those things that everyone just does, like going […]

Don’t call it a comeback

Rebecca: Surprisingly, our column, New York Style Delhi, has gotten renewed. Pooja and I would like to think it has to do with her great writing skills and my hysterical puns, but we know better. After a semester of sharing our Google Doc on Facebook and reading harsh comments on the Daily site, we have […]

International Relations program acquires first departmental class

The International Relations (IR) program at Tufts is one of the most respected in the country.  Until recently, however, one thing that the interdisciplinary IR program lacked were classes of its own. That changed this semester with the introduction of INTR-92, Quantitative Research Methods. The class is one of many that can be used to […]

Letter to the Tufts Community: Why Tufts will not participate in RecycleMania ’15

As many students living on campus last year will remember, in 2014, Tufts University competed against other universities across the nation in the annual waste reduction competition known as RecycleMania.  For months TuftsRecycles!, a part of Facilities Services comprised of student interns, pushed students to recycle more effectively by pitting dorms and specialty houses against each other […]

Another kind of peace

It’s a weird moment in the Middle East when an ultra right-wing Israeli politician and a former Palestinian Authority prime minister agree on anything, let alone something as controversial as the Oslo Accords. Former Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad recently wrote in Foreign Affairs that “the stalled peace process … has repeatedly failed, and it […]

Sia releases controversial music video featuring Shia LeBeouf, Maddie Ziegler

Australian-born singer Sia has recently confirmed she will be performing at the Grammys this coming Sunday. Given her recent performance featuring lip-syncing children wearing her trademark wig on the Ellen Digeneres show, as well as recent controversy regarding her last music videos, audiences can expect an unusual, provocative performance. Sia has now released two videos featuring Maddie Ziegler, […]

‘Cause Uptown SWUG Gon’ Give It To You

Dear SWUG, Would you rather be a clueless first-year or an overly knowledgeable senior? – Curiosity Killed the Frat   Dear Curiosity Killed the Frat, You’ve asked a v. thought provoking “would you rather.” I am going to disregard both of your options for my own answer: I would rather be a “blissfully-aware-but-not-yet-jaded” sophomore or junior. […]