Sommes-nous vraiment Charlie?

Since the horrific attack on the offices of Parisian magazine Charlie Hebdo, the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie has become hugely popular as a representation of solidarity and support in France’s time of grief. While the hashtag is certainly a catchy way for people to express their outrage, as the initial surge of support gives way to more complex […]

Dan Mangan + Blacksmith combine old school rock, 21st century electronica

“Club Meds” is a busy and chaotic blend of synth and noise that creates a joyride of musical exploration and adventure for listeners. With his fourth studio album, Dan Mangan is not afraid to smear together sounds of old and new, compiling pieces from synth samples and heavily melodic vocals. “Club Meds” is a wild, […]

ResLife Blues

Every college to some extent has departments that are rendered near-useless by the endless bureaucracy involved in managing higher education. According to my friends at other schools, however, one particular branch seems to be almost universally labeled incompetent. The Tufts variant, as you may have guessed, is the Office of Residential Life and Learning, or […]

I Finally Told Someone

Trigger Warning: This article discusses rape and sexual assault. I finally told someone. In truth she was far from the first person I’ve told about being raped. Very far from it. But my new doctor might as well be the first ‘grown up’ I’ve ever told. To be clear, I’m not a child. I am […]

Free Speech on Tufts Campus

Since its founding in 1852, Tufts has embraced a campus culture that encourages the free and unfettered exchange of ideas. It is what defines us as a university in pursuit of discovery and knowledge, and it is what prepares our students to take on the complex challenges of our times. We cannot have the benefits […]

‘Selma’ triumphs with multifaceted performances

For a movie that takes on a larger-than-life man in the midst one of the most triumphant acts of his career as its subject matter — namely, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the march from Selma to Montgomery, Ala. — “Selma” finds its greatest highlights in the quiet and subdued moments of its 127-minute run. With a […]

Somerville tackles unshoveled sidewalks

This winter, Somerville’s Board of Aldermen voted to crack down on residents and landlords who do not clear their sidewalks after a snowstorm. According to Somerville Alderman at Large Jack Connolly, the city has created a new ordinance that amends its original snow removal policy. Previously, the city mandated that snow needed to be shoveled within 24 hours of […]

Gehling to step down as Director of Athletics

After 16 years serving as Tufts’ Director of Athletics, William Gehling (LA ’74, G ’79) will officially step down from his current position on July 1 to assume the new role of senior advisor to University Advancement. According to Gehling, the search for a new director is currently underway. In 1979, Gehling started working at Tufts as the first coach […]

‘Marvel’s Agent Carter’ fights villains, sexism in ABC’s new series

If it were possible to write an article composed solely of excited squealing, this review would be a page of high-decibel happiness. “Marvel’s Agent Carter,” which premiered on ABC on Jan. 6, is the latest expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and gives viewers a taste of how refreshing a female-led superhero story can be. The […]

Parking meters installed along Boston, College Avenues

With the recent installation of parking meters along Boston and College Avenues, university staff and students will likely have more difficulty finding free parking on the Medford/Somerville campus. According to the City of Medford website, workers have installed parking meters and kiosks in the Medford Hillside area—adjacent to the Tufts campus—Medford Square, West Medford and […]