How “green” is Tufts really?

Compassion and altruism are two traits we are taught to strive toward from a young age. But what happens when corporations and institutions capitalize on that same sense of active citizenship? No matter where we turn, we’ll see signs or products telling us to be “green and sustainable.” However, the need to live sustainably has […]

Map madness in the media center

For a week in early December, Tisch Library was more than just a place where students congregated to pour over books and study for exams. Instead, it became a place to which the Tufts community excitedly flocked, hoping to acquire maps that were being given away. According to an email sent to Tufts students, the library gave […]

Tufts professor pioneers biomedical research in silks

Professor David Kaplan, the chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Tufts, has dedicated over two decades to his research in naturally produced silks, namely spider silk and silkworm silk. The Daily sat down with Kaplan to discuss his research and its applications. The Tufts Daily: Why did you first get involved with research […]

Mock Trial hosts annual Mumbo Jumbo tournament

Tufts Mock Trial (TMT) hosted its annual Mumbo Jumbo Invitational Tournament, a two-day on-campus event that hosts mock trial teams from all over the country, from Nov. 15 to Nov. 16. This year, the tournament consisted of 22 teams, including Harvard University, the University of New Mexico and Macalester College, according to TMT Co-President Anna Lyons.  First place, second place […]

Tufts confident, prepared heading into Final Four

While there was a significant amount of optimism surrounding the men’s soccer team entering the 2014 season, few expected the Jumbos to keep their season going into December. While Tufts showed that it can compete with the best teams in the country, tying Amherst and taking the notoriously-difficult NESCAC regular-season title, it takes a different kind of […]

Indict Tufts movement mobilizes, plans for future

Over 100 students came together on Wednesday night for an open group meeting called “#BlackLivesMatter / Tufts Community Town Hall Meeting: Mobilizing for #IndictAmerica & Ferguson Aftermath,” in Alumnae Lounge. The meeting was part of a series of actions this week, organized by a group of students under the name Indict Tufts, to spotlight and fight racial oppression […]

Jumbos fall to tough competition

After two straight wins against Emerson and Wentworth, the men’s basketball team played two consecutive games against nationally ranked competition. The Jumbos went on the road to face No. 11 MIT before Thanksgiving break and faced No. 13 Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) at home on Wednesday night. The Jumbos found themselves in a competitive game against MIT, […]

Winter movie preview: five films you won’t want to miss

Oscar season — aka winter — is upon us, meaning all the future classics are finally hitting theaters in rapid fire, just in time for us to huddle up indoors. Already identifiable are a few definite contenders: “Gone Girl,” “Boyhood” and maybe even “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” Historically speaking, however, the best is yet to come. […]

‘Foxcatcher’ is a slow-burning fuse but full of fire

“Foxcatcher,” released Nov. 14, is based on the true story of eccentric millionaire John du Pont, heir to the du Pont family fortune amassed from the DuPont chemical company. The film’s plot examines what success means to those who already have it. As if to bury his previous comedic work, Steve Carell completely changes his […]

Franchise and fandom

Three and a half seconds. Knicks ball. My brother — aka Mookie aka Mini Walt aka The Small Mailman aka “he’s way cooler than you” (I know!) — and I stood in nervous excitement, along with the other 19,800 fans at the Garden that night. As a native New Yorker, I have suffered through years of […]