(White) family meets DARKMATTER

When my family comes to Tufts, I often worry that the experience will be similar to this headline from The Onion: “Man Has No Idea What To Do With Visiting Friend Between Meals.” Replace “Man” with “Female Student” and “Friend” with “Family” and you’ve got my biggest dilemma during parents’ weekend. But when my family […]

History on the Hill: Civil rights protests on construction site of Lewis Hall in 1969

In November of 1969, outraged that a company with discriminatory hiring policies was contracted to build a new dorm (now Lewis Hall), Tufts students organized demonstrations at the construction site, demanding equal employment opportunity for minority construction workers. This Nov. 5 marked the 45th anniversary of the protest. According to Daniel Coleman (A ’73), who was a freshman […]

Top ten things you didn’t know about hurdling

We at the Tufts Daily Arts department are always shocked to find out that people read our content! Last week, our Top Ten included a delicate slight against hurdling as a sport. A few Tufts hurdlers had many things to say about this. Turns out that hurdling is a real thing — who knew?! So, in […]

Night at the Museum 4

After weeks of talking about it, monitoring the tab for “Astronomy After Hours” on my web browser and even making a failed attempt to go a few weeks back, we finally made it to that damn planetarium. Well, planetarium is a rather gracious word for it, more like an observatory, but it was weirdly one […]

‘The Children’s Hour’ is sorrowful, but well-executed

“The Children’s Hour,” a 1934 stage play written by Lillian Hellman, opened at the Balch Arena Theater at Tufts this weekend. The show is set largely at a fictional boarding school run by two young women and close friends, Karen Wright (Grace Whittom) and Martha Dobie (Kristin Reeves), who must deal with a disgruntled student, […]

Highs and lows: Woody Harrelson returns to SNL

Woody Harrelson appeared on Saturday Night Live (SNL) on Nov. 15 as a guest host, reminding audiences that this weekend marks, “almost to the day,” the 25th anniversary of his first time hosting the show in 1989, a significant moment in his career to be sure. According to Rolling Stone, Harrelson’s recent appearance also constituted a […]

An Xmas Message from Yoko

Since my column last week regarding premature holiday merriment, I have been enjoying, albeit reluctantly, the onset of the holiday season — even if all that means is that I’ve been listening to Joni Mitchell’s “River” (1971) over and over again, with its surprisingly heartbreaking echo of “Jingle Bells” (1857). In my opinion, only a true […]

TV on the Radio gracefully return to indie rock world with latest release

TV on the Radio’s fifth studio album “Seeds” should have been a colossal letdown. It’s been eight years since the jangling, alt-synth rockers shook their punk Brooklyn stomping ground with 2006’s critical darling “Return to Cookie Mountain,” and three slow years since they released anything at all. Meanwhile, the band was forced to part ways […]

Annual Student Leadership Dinner sparks outreach, collaboration

 On Nov. 13, the Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate Student Outreach Committee hosted its sixth annual Student Leadership Dinner, which brings together the leaders of student organizations across campus, at 51 Winthrop St. The aim of the dinner was to generate dialogue about what student groups have been doing on campus, according to TCU Senator Brian Tesser, who organized the event. “We do this […]

Tisch College announces participating groups for 1+4 Bridge Program

The Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service announced in October the selected locations and organizations for its 1+4 Bridge-Year Service Learning Program, which was officially unveiled last February. The program will allow up to 50 new students to participate in a year-long community service project either in the United States or abroad before their first year at Tufts. Tisch College […]