Despite scandals, NFL will live on

The NFL is in the midst of possibly the most damaging scandal it has ever experienced. Not unlike the product it puts on the field each Sunday, the hits just seem to keep coming. Mistakes, reversed decisions and generally questionable management have created a dumpster fire from which the league cannot walk away. NFL officials have constantly been […]

Ten not-necessarily-super-awful things that have happened recently

Too often the Top Ten in the Daily Arts section has been a box riddled with the sardonic musings of cynical editors. Today, in the face of violent world conflicts, shady politicians and Ebola, Arts brings you our top ten not-necessarily-super-awful things that have happened recently. Though some of these items may not be “current […]

The Association

The clock ticked down on the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) World Cup 2014 in Barcelona, leaving the United States on top of the podium for the second straight World Cup. The U.S. dominated throughout the tournament and won the gold medal game against a much-improved Serbian squad by a score of 129-82. The team defeated the first eight […]

Jumbos score season-high ten goals despite injuries

The Jumbos scored a season-high 10 goals against Suffolk on Tuesday, moving to 4-0-1 on the season and bringing their season goal total to 24. This marks the first time since 1980 that a Tufts team has scored 20 or more goals in its first five games of the season. The win was a bittersweet one for the team, however. Senior forward […]

Local food trucks find home in Tufts community

Moe’s BBQ Truck, which sits at the intersection of Professor’s Row and Packard Ave. on weekend nights, has been well-known on campus for some time now. Recently, though, more and more local food trucks based in and around Somerville are finding a home around Tufts’ campus. Cambridge resident Dave Stuart, nicknamed “Moe,” started his food truck […]

Sun Kil Moon’s crass frontman delivers provocative, unapologetic performance

If Sun Kil Moon makes anything clear on stage, it’s that frontman Mark Kozelek is certainly not singing for love of his fans. Performing at the Somerville Theater on Sept. 19, Sun Kil Moon gave a raw — and sometimes incendiary — performance. Begging the audience for ibuprofen and cigarettes, or else pressing a seltzer […]

‘The Maze Runner’ has high-speed action, muddled plot

Hurdling upward fast, and with no visible escape, Thomas — the protagonist of “The Maze Runner,” played by Dylan O’Brien — seems to be trapped in the world’s scariest dumbwaiter. Released last Friday, “The Maze Runner” is a movie adaptation of James Dashner’s 2009 novel of the same name, and it begins with every acrophobe’s […]

Leonard Cohen burns slow and bright on powerful new album

Deliberately slow, never lethargic and just slinky enough to avoid being soporific, Leonard Cohen’s new album, “Popular Problems,” was released on Sept. 23 — two days after Cohen’s 80th birthday. The album proves that the singer-songwriter is not only timeless but musically transcendent. Opening with Cohen’s distinct voice — think gravel-verging-on-snarl — in the appropriately-titled “Slow,” […]

Who are these guys?

If you find yourself at Fenway Park for the Red Sox’s final homestand this week, chances are most of the local starting nine will be unfamiliar. That’s because the current outfit hardly resembles the one that beat St. Louis in the World Series last year. Gone are most of the scruffy bearded veterans that took […]

Bailey, Clair among 10 to be honored for academic and athletic achievements

On Friday evening, the annual Sports Award Ceremony will be kicking off Homecoming Weekend in Cohen Auditorium by recognizing 10 athletes from the 2013-2014 school year who contributed greatly to their teams’ sporting success or to the Tufts community as a whole. The iconic Houston Award, which recognizes the best overall male athlete, will be […]