Select TV premieres stand out, promising quality entertainment

School is beginning anew, which means no one wants to waste precious homework or Netflix binge time wading blindly through heaps of sub-par TV trailers. Fortunately, a handful of upcoming premieres stand out among the usual “meh” crime dramas and twenty-something sitcoms that ABC Family flings onto the screen year after year. So here’s a […]

Tufts theater hopes to entice first-year Jumbos

Tufts theater wants new students to know that it’s cool. On Sunday, Aug. 31, and Monday, Sept. 1, incoming freshmen will be able to see two orientation shows: “boom,” produced by Pen, Paint, and Pretzels (3Ps), and “Edges,” courtesy of Torn Ticket II, the musical theater group on campus. Each show tackles coming-of-age issues and […]

‘The Giver’ disappoints: film adaptation of young adult novel simplistic, unsatisfying

Based on the popular novel by Lois Lowry, “The Giver” (2014) hit theaters as one of the summer’s final dramas. As the box office figures show, however, it proved an anticlimactic end to the season. Lowry’s story received the 1994 Newbery Medal and has been lauded as a provocative young adult book — the type […]

Welcome to Tufts

When I came to campus, I was excited, nervous and ambitious. I tried out many new things, experienced my own set of successes and failures and came to know a few individuals who later became my close friends. There are so many tips and guides for freshmen to remember and think about as they embark […]

Welcome to Your New Home, Tufts Class of 2018

On behalf of the entire Tufts community, I would like to officially welcome the class of 2018 to campus. My name is Robert Joseph, and this year I will be serving as your student body president. I’m sure today is a wild emotional roller coaster for many of you — moving into your new homes, […]

Neglected artists of 2014: tracks and bands for new academic year

Similar to the plight of the avid moviegoer, the summer can leave a music lover unsatisfied, exhausted and disappointed. With a slew of generic, over-produced pop nuggets dominating every radio and Pandora station, finding new and exciting music seems impossible. Even tracks that are only a few months old, once prized as gems, are played […]

The Essentials: A timeline of the events surrounding Title IX

Several colleges across the country, including Tufts, have been the subject of federal government investigations and media attention due to their approach to handling cases of sexual misconduct. Below is a timeline that outlines how a provision of the federal law Title IX, which bans gender discrimination on campus, has impacted Tufts. September 2010 A […]

New College Transition Advisors add professional outlook to Tufts’ advising

This year, Tufts’ advising will go professional, at least in part. Along with the traditional system of professors serving as pre-major advisors and academic deans, Tufts has hired four new College Transition Advisors (CTAs). This move follows a recent national trend of colleges entrusting advising to professional advisors rather than professors, as detailed in an […]

From the Editor-in-Chief

Yes, it’s really happening — your freshman year of college starts now. It’s not spring of your senior year in high school anymore, when you sent in your deposit and lost all motivation for schoolwork (don’t worry, everyone has procrastinated on the Tufts Facebook pages). And it’s not the summer anymore, although the hot temperatures […]

Welcome to our world

The first few weeks of freshman year pass by in a blur. The minute-by-minute urgency of parental advice, picking classes, meeting roommates and finding your way around campus as a new Jumbo predominates all other concerns. There is plenty of advice around — from movies, TV shows, older students, professors and even the pages of […]