Residential Life plans to support students in roommate search process

ORLL is aware that there are many students who have not been able to find their communities yet. Vargas said that ORLL will be organizing ways for students to meet in advance of the selection process. She added that the events will be open to all students, since this concern may affect students in other class years as well.

Daily Week Senior Profile: Justin Yu

Yu discovered some of his favorite aspects of journalism through a Features assignment. Following the devastation of Hurricanes Maria and Harvey, he was assigned to cover how the Tufts administration provided support to students who were dealing with natural disasters that affected their homes.

Kim Jenkins talks clothes, culture in the 1920s and today

Despite the current strain on the fashion industry due to COVID-19, Jenkins' comments also prompted thoughts of today’s consumer culture adapting in a similar manner with alternating simplicity and glitz. In some sense, dressing in sweats at home resembles the more relaxed, casual trend of the roaring ‘20s drop waist dresses. 

The Strike Zone: Why nuclear weapons are good for peace

It may sound counterintuitive, but nuclear weaponry has been crucial in preventing major warfare since World War II. The threat of mutually assured nuclear destruction deters countries from engaging in total interstate wars and gives countries incentive to strengthen international institutions through arms control treaties and collective security measures.

Milton native Louis Timmins to play football, lacrosse at Tufts

Athletic talent and a penchant for Tufts runs in Timmins' family. Beyond his father’s affinity for basketball, his brother Stephen Timmins (LA’20) played on the Tufts men’s football team after graduating from Boston College High School.