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CMHS launches online appointment scheduling system, hosts mental health and wellbeing fair

Tufts’ Counseling and Mental Health Services is now offering an online appointment scheduling system, has student Mental Health Representatives and is hosting a mental health and wellbeing fair on Monday as part of Mental Health Awareness Week. Julie Jampel, director of training at CMHS, said that the launch of the new appointment scheduling system has […]

Tales from the T: Hot train summer

Welcome back to Tales from the T! Every other week, I’ll be diving into a story about the history and future of the T and other transportation around Boston. I get to indulge in my pathological obsession with trains and you … I don’t know, might learn something interesting along the way, I guess. It’s […]

“The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” first five episodes expand upon the lore of J. R. R. Tolkien’s world

Twenty-one years ago, audiences around the world heard Cate Blanchett’s ethereal voice whisper “the world is changed,” with no idea how “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,” and its sequels, would change the world of pop culture.They had no idea of the cinematic experience of epic proportions they were in for. […]

Roger Federer: A human first and a tennis legend second

Who is Roger Federer? A legend in the tennis world? A humble Swiss ball boy? When asked by Joe Sabia in the “73 Questions” series for Vogue, he said he wanted to be remembered as “philanthropic” and “a good tennis player.” I am here to tell you that both descriptions are understatements of who he […]

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Field hockey ramps up to 7–0 with away victory over Hamilton

Women’s field hockey continued its reign of domination with a 2–0 away victory over the Hamilton Continentals on Saturday, officially making them 7–0 for the season before dropping a 1–2 loss to Babson. Additionally, the Jumbos now lead the NESCAC at 5–0 in the conference season, outranking historically competitive teams like Trinity and Middlebury. While […]

Ongoing climate crises calls for collaboration, interdisciplinary approach to solutions

It doesn’t take much digging nowadays to find a startling new headline — “Overlapping pandemics: Monkeypox intensifies as COVID-19 continues to thrive,” one might read. While such public health emergencies and other tense political debates occupy much of the news cycle, it also seems that there is increased reporting on extreme weather events. Puerto Rico’s […]