Inside the Purdue Pharma-Tufts relationship

Tufts Medical School’s master’s degree in Pain, Research, Education and Policy (PREP) program was taught by doctors, nurses, dentists, health administrators and psychologists — experts in the multi-faceted world of treating pain. In 2006, the PREP program began featuring another expert: anesthesiologist J. David Haddox, then an executive at Purdue Pharma, the embattled drugmaker that […]

A year defined by Tufts Dining workers’ contract campaign

A year after voting to unionize, Tufts Dining workers ratified a collective bargaining agreement with the university on April 3. The Daily looks back at a year of organizing, negotiations and contention. In the spring of 2018, tensions between dining workers and managers reached a breaking point. Christine Tringale, a night cook supervisor at Hodgdon Food-on-the-Run, told […]

Lisztomania: Nostalgia

In wracking my brain for ideas on what to write for this column for commencement, memories of my high school graduation flooded into my mind, and I started to become nostalgic. Even after a year, it is still hard for me to fully grasp the fact that those four years of my life are over, […]