Q&A: Monaco sits for final annual interview with the Daily, reflects on accomplishments, hopes for the future of Tufts

As his 12-year tenure as president of Tufts University comes to a close, Anthony Monaco sat down with the Daily to discuss his legacy, accomplishments and hopes for the university’s future. Editor’s note: This interview has been edited for length and clarity. The Tufts Daily (TD): President Monaco, thank you so much. We’re so honored […]

Senior Profile: TCU President Jaden Pena fosters understanding and inclusion through his leadership

“The best compliment that I’ve ever received was from one of my high school musical directors,” Jaden Pena said. “He told me that what he loved most about me was my ability to bridge different communities. And I think that was really an awakening moment for me.” Indeed, Pena’s time at Tufts has been marked […]

The astonishing women behind ‘Little Women’

In the fall of 2019, the Office of Residential Life and Learning unintentionally created a lasting friendship. As Alexandra Everbach and Lucy Morrison moved into their respective singles in Carmichael Hall, they were without a doubt excited to meet new people. Though first-year interactions with strangers can often feel awkward and forced, this was not […]

Letter from the Editor in Chief: Congratulations, Class of 2023

Dear Class of 2023 and the Tufts community, Congratulations on completing another year of intellectual curiosity and creative adaptation. Today, Tufts graduates a class that has seen a lot. It’s fair to say the Class of 2023 had the most tumultuous college experience a collective can have. From being sent home in March of your […]

Sailing coach Ken Legler leaves his legacy at Tufts 

Tufts is just one of the hallmarks of the journey of sailing coach Kenneth Legler’s historic career, but it will be the one where that coaching career comes to a close. As both a competitive sailor and a coach, he has made a dramatic impact on the sport as a whole. With this being his […]

Q&A: Professor Emeritus Jan Pechenik looks back on storied marine biology, education career

In a career spanning over 40 years at Tufts, Professor Emeritus Jan Pechenik has left an indelible impact on marine biology and generations of students. The Daily sat down with Pechenik to discuss the questions that have motivated his work for the past four decades and the unexpected — and rewarding — turns his teaching […]