Elin Shih / The Tufts Daily
Tufts to close COVID-19 testing centers

Tufts will close its testing centers at the Medford/Somerville and SMFA campuses on Mar. 17, it announced on Feb. 6. In a school-wide email, Marie Caggiano, medical director of the Tufts Health Service, said COVID-19 care and testing will still be available on a case-by-case basis at 124 Professors Row on the Medford/Somerville campus. Students […]

Tufts Persian Student Association comes together in solidarity with protesters in Iran

The Tufts community is home to a wide range of different cultural and ethnic clubs on campus, including the Tufts Persian Student Association. For junior and PSA co-president Sabrina Rangwani, the club has been an important part of her adjustment to Tufts. Growing up with a large Iranian community in Houston while attending an international […]

In the age of nepo babies, separate the good from the bad

New York Magazine dubbed 2022 “The Year of the Nepo Baby,” with a comical cover of popular nepotism children photoshopped onto the bodies of babies and a collection of articles providing deep insight into the world of celebrity children. The articles garnered much attention, including comments from nepo babies and celebrity parents, with many people […]

Culture war takes prisoners in the classroom

Despite the conservative critique that the liberal agenda is negatively affecting the way that young students are taught history, conservatives now seem to be refusing to teach a paramount part of American and world history. The state of Florida, led by conservative Gov. Ron DeSantis, threatened to ban a new Advanced Placement African American Studies […]

Extra Innings: Baseball’s future is global

Once the most popular sport in America, there’s no denying that our national pastime is far from its former glory. For a sport seemingly as American as apple pie, baseball is far behind football as the most popular sport in the country, and this is especially true among younger Americans: Only 7% of Americans under […]

Bite-Size Science: New FDA proposal eases blood donation restrictions for gay and bisexual men

Donating blood — it’s a simple act that can save a life, or several. Yet, current Food and Drug Administration regulations require that gay and bisexual men only donate blood under the condition that they have not engaged in sexual intercourse with another man for the past three months. This restriction, a product of the […]