You Gotta Know: Sam Sommers

Sam Sommers has made a name for himself as a passionate and experienced professor and researcher in the psychology department at Tufts, and was named department chair last year, but he didn’t always know this was the path he would go down. 

Editorial: Remote students must continue to be supported as they navigate academic, social challenges

As Tufts grapples with this new hybrid reality, it is crucial that administrators and professors alike actively support remote students by instituting flexible academic policies and finding innovative alternatives to in-person learning.

Professor Malcolm Turvey keeps film department from yelling ‘cut’

Despite the massive challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the disruption to learning at Tufts, Professor Malcolm Turvey, Director of the Film and Media Studies Program, is confident that some degree of normalcy will prevail.

The Turf Monster: A fan’s perspective on sports during a pandemic

When sports shut down in the immediate wake of COVID-19 landing in America, we were all too frantic to really mourn that loss. But as weeks turned into months relegated to isolation and stay-at-home orders, the warmth and excitement of playoff basketball and summer baseball became desperately needed. Now the distraction and entertainment have returned in a way we could never have envisioned back during the rosy times of January and February 2020.