Alex Knapp / The Tufts Daily

Senior Profile: Xander Landen

Graduating senior Xander Landen knew he wanted to pursue journalist at age 17 when, as a writer for his hometown newspaper in Weston, Mass., he was given the agency to cover the events that captivated him. “That kind of got me going; it...

Alex Knapp / The Tufts Daily

Senior Profile: Janna Karatas

A common theme throughout graduating senior Janna Karatas’s four years at Tufts time on the Hill is her strong interest and commitment towards community and culture. As a FOCUS pre-orientation leader, former Tufts Community Union (TCU)...

Ray Bernoff / The Tufts Daily

Senior Profile: Jehan Madhani

Watch out, Tina and Amy — there is new talent on the scene. Jehan Madhani (LA ’16), a Tufts/SMFA Dual Degree student, co-founded the all-female comedy group, Tufts Funny Ladies. Madhani has certainly made her mark on the Tufts comedy...

Ziqing Xiong / The Tufts Daily

Senior Profile: Phillip David Ellison

Phillip David Ellison is not your average graduating senior. A transfer student, Ellison found his passion creating education opportunities for others through his time at Tufts. Now graduating with a double major in Africana Studies and History...


Bridge the Gap: Stay the course

We live in an era when more and more people are choosing to live in urbanized areas. These people are also more likely than their predecessors to eschew car ownership in favor of transit pass ownership. As such, cities around the country have been...